My name is Sharon. I am your women’s empowerment life coach. I am happy that you are here.

I am sharon, life coach and owner of I See You Growing (icu) growing life coaching.

I have been in business for one year: but I have been assisting women and families in goal-setting for the last ten years. I am a life coach who believes in transparency, growth, accountability, and change. I am a mother; and I take this role very seriously.

owner of I See you Growing (ICU) growing life coaching

Work and Life

Mother for Life
I am a Mother of a very intelligent young woman. Of all the other roles to have in life, this is the one role in which I strive to do my best.

Home Visitor, Porter-Leath Early Head Start
As a home visitor, I have been able to work with young children and their families. This includes father, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and others who make up the family unit. In my role, I provide developmentally appropriate educational actvities to assist students in reaching important developmental milestones. I assist families in goalsetting and I instrumentally serve as a support for resources to aid them in getting their goals accomplished.

Women’s Empowerment Life Coach
As a life coach, I assist women in setting goals for their life improvement. I work in collaboration with clients for individualized results. I partake in coaching evaluations after coaching sessions and measure all coaching techniques to particular standards of measure (i.e. applied coaching skills).