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My coaching experience with Life Coach Sharon was by far one of the most life changing experienes because I was able to go into a differnt mindset, see things differently, and set new goals to help me to become a better person in life. I would  recommend anyone who is looking to set goals or looking for a new way of doing things, especially for the new year to try  Life Coach Sharon. She will be the best person to talk to. Kenosha H.                            

Life Coach Sharon was a great coach because she was able to listen to the goals that I wanted to accomplish. She was able to give me insight on what I was looking for and trying to accomplish. She was very helpful; and I was able to complete my goal that I work for my everyday life.” Quamellyia E.

S.Blue- “Life Coach Sharon was an active listener during our coaching session. She listened to my ideas about short term goals. I was able to create short term goals that I feel were attainable. Life Coach Sharon checked in with me about my progress. I see You Growing Life Coaching really helped me to get my short term goals established and I was able to complete one of them.”

Recent Issues

    Recently, I watched a show on Amazon Prime entitled, “Suze Orman, the Financial Road Map”. And yes, it was an eye-opening experience. The concepts that were taught to assist in a financial check-up, to serve as a financial elixir, and to potentially increase financial health were retirement road, priority place, emergency fund lane, and the … Continue reading THE EYE-OPENER
  • Think ABout it
    Recently, I See You Growing Life Coaching had a group of women to complete a survey entitled, “Thinkers Think”. This survey was inspired by a YouTube video, “5 Types of Creative Thinkers”. The types of thinking outlined in the video were lateral, inspirational, divergent, systematic, and aesthetical. The description of each thinking style was also … Continue reading Think ABout it


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