From Woman to Woman, I will use this platform to share issues that are important to me. I am constantly growing as a life coach and as a business woman. As your life coach, let me encourage you with my transparency, my chances, my growth and with my change. Continue to follow me and experience what’s to come.

Thank you

June 07, 2022

From Woman to Woman, I voted today. It was an election that was unique to my area. This is a moment that I shared with my daughter. We have voted together before; but it feels great when we can make it “a thing”. Each time I vote, I feel politically empowered for two reasons. One reason is that I am an African American or Black woman who is intentional about executing her right to vote. The next reason is that I felt as if I was in the 1920s, joining the women of that time in standing up for those things that are important to them and advocating for change.

June 12, 2022

From Woman to Woman, I stand in solidarity against gun violence. I am a survivor of gun violence. My Mother was shot when she was pregnant with me. That makes her a survivor of gun violence as well. There was absolutely no reason for my Mother to be shot; but she was shot just the same. Although I was in my Mother’s womb, the bullet could have taken my life- an innocent baby who knew nothing of people or of this world; an innocent baby who was looking to find the sound of her Mother’s voice once born. My heart goes out to the survivors of gun violence. My heart goes out to the families of the people who did not survive gun violence.

July 25, 2022

From Woman to Woman, knitting is one of my creative outlets. I remembered knitting this hat in 2018 and feeling very esteemed because I tried something new. I did not have a pattern, I just used my imagination. Since then, I have knitted scarves, hats, shawls, and blankets.

I have gained so much from my creative efforts. Things that I learned while knitting are time management, accountability, focus, setting goals for completion, and setting boundaries for tasks. Sounds familiar? Another thing that I gained was patience.

Knitting is a craft that requires patience and persistence. It also provides an opportunity for the knitter to marvel over the aesthetics of their work. My very first project was a scarf. It was orange. The aesthetics of that scarf were unusual but I was proud of it because I started something and completed it. I learned new concepts and techniques to produce such a piece of work. That orange scarf was not popular among co-workers, family members, or friends because it was unpleasant to the eye.

For every negative remark that I received, I realized that they did not understand my creative vision. I was sure to respond in this way, “You cannot stifle creativity.”, to all the laughing, negative comments, and whispers. Had I given in to those responses, the beautiful image of the hat that I knitted in 2018 would be non-existent because I would have discontinued my craft. I am happy that I did not listen to them because I still knit for myself and others.

What is your creative outlet?