ICU Growing Life Coaching has a lot on its plate for the upcoming year. Please come back to this site to see how efforts are made to empower women so we can empower the world.

Details about this podcast event will be shared soon. Please come back to this site to learn more.

The Creative Outlet was postponed. The date for this event will be shared in the future. Please come back to this site to learn more.

The Menstrual Cycle” was a great discussion. Our guest was S. Blue from SBlueCreation. Ms. Blue has a Master’s degree in Anthropolgy. This has inspired her business as a cloth pad maker. Ms. Blue provided wonderful insight as a discussion was made about stigma associated with the period and period poverty. We discussed stressors that can impact the health of our  menstrual cycles. Information was shared about early starters and late bloomers, period products (reusable and disposable), and the Pink Tax. https://lnkd.in/gBwSRjZ6

Resources that offer period supplies like the Diaper Bank to women who experience financial hardships were shared. Resources that provide additional information about the menstrual  cycle such as the Office of Women Health were also shared.

Ms. Blue announced  her strategy  to challenge the demands of period poverty. 

We left our discussion realizing that  ongoing discussions are needed about this topic- and other relatable topics such as the ovulation cycle. 


I SEE YOU GROWING LIFE COACHING is excited about the upcoming podcast. The guest. Sharlecia Blue (Owner of SBlueCreations) will join us to discuss this important topic that every woman must experience in life. She is not joining us as an expert; but as a woman.  We are always excited to listen to women’s stories about topics that are important to women.

Please join us on September 26th. This podcast will be hosted via Zoom.

If you would like a link to this virtual link, please email icugrowinglifecoaching@gmail.com

I See You Growing Life Coaching will be hosting a podcast in which the guest will share pertinent information about a very important topic : The Menstrual Cycle. For everyone woman in the world, you don’t want to miss it.  Dates about this podcast will be shared soon.

I See You Growing Life Coaching is known for being inspired by the journeys of women. As a way to promote this, four amazing women have been selected to share their empowerment stories with the world. This will encompass any goals, aspirations, overcome struggles and other ideas to encourage other women.

“Women Empowering Other Women” is a new project that I See You Growing Life Coaching is spearheading.

Everyone has a story; and it is important for us as women to understand who we are from our own perspectives. It is important for us as women to encourage a community of support for acceptance and change. It is important for us as women to continue to encourage a community that supports the growth mindset.

As mentioned earlier, this series includes a total of four podcasts. It will be exciting. I See You Growing Life Coaching will have an opportunity to continue its legacy in learning  from this group of women and to provide an opportunity  for others to learn from them as well. It will be inspiring. These women will launch into the deep as they move out of their comfort zones to share publicly with the world.

We aim-with this event-to take empowerment to the next level. We aim to inform and to learn by observation. We aim to discuss topics that are important to the culture of women. We aim to identify systems of success.  I See You Growing Life Coaching believes that it is empowering to  understand the meaning in things, to understand how our impact can serve as a catalyst for change, and to understand our next steps in life.

Podcast Testimonials

Ly Syin Lobster wrote: I felt honored to be a guest on the ICU Growing Podcast, Women Empowering Other Women. I have know Sharon for over a decade; and God has given her the Midas touch because she continues to honor God in all that she does. She is a great listener and natural interviewer because of her analytic abilities. Sharon asks probing questions that encourage introspection. The experience of being a guest of the host allowed me to witness my personal growth. Sharon has been my accountability partner with various personal and professional projects. She helps me to stay foocused and achieve my goals.