Think ABout it

Recently, I See You Growing Life Coaching had a group of women to complete a survey entitled, “Thinkers Think”. This survey was inspired by a YouTube video, “5 Types of Creative Thinkers”. The types of thinking outlined in the video were lateral, inspirational, divergent, systematic, and aesthetical. The description of each thinking style was also provided in the video.

The participants of the survey were asked to watch the quick, three minute video and then complete the survey. They had only one question to answer, “Which type of thinker are you?”

Understanding how we think about things enables us to become better problem solvers. This awareness releases a type of clarity that may prove beneficial in the long run. One thing that has a possibility for a greater clarity is understanding that each of us are very unique and we have our own ways of approaching problems and other situations. Wouldn’t it be dull if we all thought the same or acted the same? This type of oneness could potentially handicap our abilities for expression.

Think about it….expressions are important for understanding others behaviors, their needs, their thoughts, and their feelings. Before children are able to talk, they point and give other gestures to express their wants and needs. Until then, parents have to use their observation skills to determine the needs of the child.

Think about it….expressions are unique to our own individuality. Our expressions derive from our mannerisms, our experiences, and cultural expectations. They are embedded in our personality types, environmental influences and environmental stressors.

Think about it….the uniqueness of our expressions are often made manifest through our creative styles. This may be seen in our fashion, paintings, music, dance, song, writing, decorations, and relationships. The amazing part of this discovery is that it all stems from our thinking and our imagination.

I can imagine that someone may watch the video and find that they can identify with more than one type of creative thinking style. Choose the type of thinking style that comes first to your mind. What if you found yourself to be one type of thinker but wanted to transform into a different type of thinker? Is this possible? I See You Growing Life Coaching cannot expertly answer this question but exposure may be a step in the right direction. On YouTube, there are thinking games that you can play that will help you to think in different ways, simpler ways, unique ways, creative ways; and that challenge you to not to overthink things.

I See You Growing Life Coaching will make the claim that in order to embrace change and to experience growth, mindsets must change. This sometimes means to change our way of thinking or reframing thinking. Reframing provides an opportunity to change our behaviors. A change of behavior happens when we remove harmful, fruitless thoughts in which we have become accustomed and that hinder our creative thinking. And, we replace them with thoughts that are fresh, beneficial, bring growth, and aid our unique expressions.

Without embracing changes in how we think, our unique expressions (our creative thinking abilities) suffer. We sometimes allow damaging beliefs to keep us stuck in the same position, we become too afraid of change, and we refuse to take risks. Every expression that we make will show how we think.

If you are interested in learning more about your creative thinking style, please visit 5 Types of Creative Thinking.

One thought on “Think ABout it

  1. Ima philosophical thinker I try to think factual or realistic but I’m not just a thinker I’m also a doer no should’ve could’ve would’ve
    Thinking about it is the 1st process to anything


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